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Virus update

Good day all. In the interest of our customer’s well being, we are being fastidious about cleaning and disinfecting surfaces visitors to our shop come in contact with, using Cavicide. Sure, we have ample hand sanitizer, but after every visitor we will be hosing down door handles, faucets, and counters.

Stay safe, don’t touch your face, and cool it on hoarding toilet paper.

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Holiday gift certificate special

Back again, through the end of the year – get a bonus value when purchasing gift certificates! The value adds up quick, and what better gift to give than one that lasts a lifetime? To make use of bonus value, all you have to do is use it by no later than July 1st, 2020. After that, redeemable for face / purchase value only.

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Easier than ever to reach Snohomish Tattoo!

Nearing the seventh anniversary of founding Snohomish Tattoo Studio (can you believe it?!) I find myself reorganizing to better serve my clients, and as such have switched the phone over to a mobile to improve my response rates and be easier to reach. You’re welcome to call or text the shop number at 360.799.3791, ideally during business hours, though at the very least during off hours I can let you know I’ve received your message and that I’ll follow up when I’m back in.

The past seven years have been an adventure, and I’m fortunate to have such an awesome customer base. Looking forward to the next seven and beyond!